Friday, August 17, 2012

Take a Hike

One day Simona decided we should go to Koroyanitu National Heritage Park which included a stay at a village and a nature walk through the park.  Upon arrival, the head of the Ambaca Visitor’s center, a woman of about 55 years or so, said the walks were easy and she does them herself all the time.  This is how that went:

We = Simona (the Gorgeous Girl) and Me.
They = our guides Joseph (tall) and Letia (barefoot).

We struggled in hiking boots : They sauntered in sandals or went barefoot.

We brought an extra pair of shoes, two cameras, three lenses, three books, two bottles of water, two jackets and bug repellent : They brought a machete.

We took 2.5 hours to go up and another 1.5 to come down : They (sans us) take one hour up and less coming down.

We recoiled at the caterpillars by the river and used antibacterial hand sanitizer : They usually hunt and kill wild pigs in these hills.

We called it a strenuous hike : They call it a walk.

Upon arrival back at the village They went about their day : We took a nap.

Needless to say I do better in Los Angeles than I do on a mountain in Fiji, but to be honest not by much.

the white dots over Simona's left shoulder is the village where we started from.  Behind her is Lautoka, on the screen left edge of frame is Nadi.

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yeezy said...

Three books? Starting a jungle library?