Tuesday, August 07, 2012

the Sugar Cane Fields

On our first day here in Fiji we met this Indian kat named Prem at the bus stop.  He was super friendly so I immediately was suspicious of him.  Turns out he had no angle and was genuinely nice if not socially awkward.  He invited us to dinner and when we took him up on his offer it turned out to be just tea and silence.  Anyway, he also mentioned he knew some sugar cane workers and could hook us up so we can see them work.

I immediately imagined the premium, National Geographic style photos I was about to take and maybe even sell!  Well, Prem proved as good as his word and on an overcast, rainy morning Simona and I walked up through a downed sugar cane field towards some workers.  They were so happy to meet us they stopped working all together and chatted us up.  So instead of these amazing photos of Fijian sugar cane workers toiling in the field, here are some pictures of some dudes with machetes, having tea.

And for those of you playing the home version, don’t forget to see if you can Spot Simona!


Anonymous said...

She's either in pic 3 or its a trick question. That aside, I think i saw Juan's relative on pic 5.

Arturo Aguilar said...

If anyone was going to have a relative in Fiji, it would be Juan.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I ruined your shot baby! hee hee

Arturo Aguilar said...

Baby you never ruin anything.