Thursday, July 24, 2008


I can't imagine doing anything for 40 years (mostly because I'm only 35), but that's how long my parents have been married. Since then they've spawned three children who have so far spawned four more. These two people are now responsible for another SEVEN plus themselves. You want to know why we have a general over population issue? Talk to them.

Other things which have happened since these two got hitched:

  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Man lands on the moon.
  • Google.
  • Watergate.
  • Enron.
  • The premiere of the Muppet Show.
  • Studio 54 opens and closes.
  • The Vietnam, and Cold Wars both end.
  • The Iraq war begins.
  • Cassette tapes.
  • Compact discs.
  • MP3s.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hey That's My House! I Live There!

I've lived in Los Angeles my whole life but I don't really want to be able to say that when I'm dead. It's quickly becoming time for me to broaden my horizons, probably to the east, and so I imagine my days here are numbered. It's time I take that lifetime of living here and start shooting the city as I see it.

Los Angeles, unlike say New York or London, is wide open for interpretation. If you've ever been here then you know the city is broad and you could shoot for weeks and never take the same photo as anyone else. It makes it easier to define yourself as an artist with such a massive library for which to pick your collage elements from. Here's the first in an ongoing series.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Arts & craps

When I was a kid my hobbies were: model car building, drawing and being awesome. These days I takey the pictures. It makes me feel good about myself that I too can look through a lens and press a button. I also watch television and breathe.

Here’s a list of hobbies I’m planning on taking up either sooner or later.

  1. Getting to work on time.
  2. Doing things my doctor says I shouldn’t do.
  3. Inventing avant-garde jellies.
  4. Perfecting the art of 18th century, revolutionary musket, silhouette drawing.
  5. Deep sea giant squid obedience training.
  6. Sleep blackjack dealing
  7. Discovering a method for melting ice that doesn’t involve water.
  8. Telekinesis
  9. Making others believe I’m insane when actually I’m in perfect mental health; just to mess with their heads.
  10. Push-up contest announcer.

I have many interests.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot Tamale

Boil meat with spices.

Spices: Chicken bullion, garlic powder, “Complete Seasoning”, “All Purpose w/o Pepper”

After cooking, save broth.

In a frying pan: mix olive oil, 2 tbsp (heaping) of flour. Cook till flour soaks up oil and becomes pasty. Add salsa (“Las Palmas: Red Chili Sauce). Bring salsa to boil and then add meat from above. Stir meat in until it is drenched in salsa. Salt to taste.

Crumble masa. Add 1 tsp (heaping) of baking powder. Melt shortening in microwave. Add 2tsp of salt. Mix shortening, chicken broth, and masa; blend till smooth.

Cake corn leaf with dough, add meat, add olive and fold. Steam for a couple of hours or until dough separates from leaf.