Friday, November 11, 2011


Last year we honored Simona's birthday for almost a fortnight during what was known as "The Ten Days of 10.10.10." That's right, ten whole days of celebration. It ended with this little get together. The calendar won't align for me that way for another ten years, at which point Simona is responsible for "the 21 days of 2.1.21!" She had better start saving because I don't come cheap.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011


My "Old Man" story:

          I remember when I was a kid, we lived next to the park. It was a big park with baseball diamonds, and swings and tennis courts and even an Olympic sized swimming pool. South Gate park was the best, I loved living a block away. After school, in Jr. high, which was like 1984, 1986 around there, I would go into the park looking for break dancers. Just a huddle of 20-30 kids gathered around a slab of cardboard, a D-cell laden boom box, carried proudly by some young man, thumping hip hop. Somewhere in the center someone was breaking, or pop-locking. It was as normal a scene as apple pie. I never would have guessed how lucky I was to be witnessing the birth of a whole culture.

Sunday, November 06, 2011


     Simona and I really are a hell of team. When I have no time for chores she takes over, when she has no time, I do the work. I clean the bathroom - she takes care of the cat litter. Bang-Bang. Moving in with her was effortless, and we never had any issues dealing with things domestic, except for one.

     For some reason that I am sure involves a deep-seated paranoia, I am fastidious about hanging my towel. I don’t know what it is, but it needs to hang and it needs to hang neatly. Simona on the other hand plays it fast and loose. She tends to be more of crammer when the towel rack is concerned. I can complain about it, and sometimes I did, but these days when I see no space for my own towel on the rack I just shove her towels aside and jam mine in along with hers (it’s kinda refreshing). And, whenever she leaves town, a messy rack makes me think of her. It reminds me I get to share my life with this wonderful human being.

     No relationship is ever perfect, but if the biggest issue you have is towels? I think you’re doing alright.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

May Day Rally 2010

I think it's delicious that Georgia's and Alabama's stern stance against undocumented workers has resulted in BILLIONS of dollars in lost revenue to the states due to there being no one to pick their crops.

Having said that I don't like the connotation that the only job Mexicans are qualified for is picking crops.

Two notes on these photos, they were taken last year at the May Day Rally and I don't really know exactly how much fiscal damage this crisis has actually caused, but a billion dollars sounds like a pretty big number so there you are.

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