Sunday, November 06, 2011


     Simona and I really are a hell of team. When I have no time for chores she takes over, when she has no time, I do the work. I clean the bathroom - she takes care of the cat litter. Bang-Bang. Moving in with her was effortless, and we never had any issues dealing with things domestic, except for one.

     For some reason that I am sure involves a deep-seated paranoia, I am fastidious about hanging my towel. I don’t know what it is, but it needs to hang and it needs to hang neatly. Simona on the other hand plays it fast and loose. She tends to be more of crammer when the towel rack is concerned. I can complain about it, and sometimes I did, but these days when I see no space for my own towel on the rack I just shove her towels aside and jam mine in along with hers (it’s kinda refreshing). And, whenever she leaves town, a messy rack makes me think of her. It reminds me I get to share my life with this wonderful human being.

     No relationship is ever perfect, but if the biggest issue you have is towels? I think you’re doing alright.

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