Monday, August 25, 2008

High King

from the "8 Things that Hipsters Don't Do In L.A. That Are Really Awesome" series

Griffith Park has four golf courses, a driving range, an outdoor auditorium, an observatory, a zoo, a train museum, fancy rich houses, a cemetery (sort of), a café, AND, the bat cave. Not to mention, deer, coyotes, bats, and occasionally a cougar.

Not the least of cool things inside this park are miles and miles of hiking trails. And it’s not like that trendy below-hipster Runyon Canyon either. Seriously, who hikes in makeup? And I’ve had enough of toy dogs thank you. Griffith Park’s hikes can be anything, be part of the observatory hike crowd or start off alone at the Bronson Caves and climb to the top. If you like to rub it in to those traffic chumps heading off to work while you’re busy chilling on a ditch day, hike the east side with trails complete with Freeway 5 overlooks. Or, for an extra special cool hiking experience go for a night hike with a group.

Oh and before you ask, take Beachwood Ave. to the Hollywood Sign.


gm said...

nice blog

Arturo Aguilar said...

Thank you General Motors!

Anonymous said...

The lighting on the mountain shot looks like a skull. Have you ever noticed that?