Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Hot Tamale

Boil meat with spices.

Spices: Chicken bullion, garlic powder, “Complete Seasoning”, “All Purpose w/o Pepper”

After cooking, save broth.

In a frying pan: mix olive oil, 2 tbsp (heaping) of flour. Cook till flour soaks up oil and becomes pasty. Add salsa (“Las Palmas: Red Chili Sauce). Bring salsa to boil and then add meat from above. Stir meat in until it is drenched in salsa. Salt to taste.

Crumble masa. Add 1 tsp (heaping) of baking powder. Melt shortening in microwave. Add 2tsp of salt. Mix shortening, chicken broth, and masa; blend till smooth.

Cake corn leaf with dough, add meat, add olive and fold. Steam for a couple of hours or until dough separates from leaf.

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Mad Guru said...

The photos and stories are great! I really like the last one of the Tamale and not just because I am hungry.