Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simmons is Pink!

From movies.com
: "
Stay for the credits and count the digital animation people who are all probably really, really exhausted by now: For example, I counted nearly 40 names that worked on cloth and hair. That's it. Weeks and weeks of animating cloth and hair. Next time your boss makes you restock the plastic-cup lids for an hour, you think of that and count your blessings."

Our hair and cloth team is better then yours!


In 2007 the average person worked about 2000 hours, most of us had surpassed that by late August. Over 100,000 (wo)man-hours devoted to styling, draping, simulating, and animating . These are most, not all, of my fellow cloth and hair monkeys who slaved away for hours, for days, for months on what I like to consider the finest simulation work to ever hit the big screen.

We are ripper, slasher, gouger, we are the teeth in the night,
WE ARE BEOWULF!...cloth and hair T.D.'s.

The DVD "drops" in a week. Buy it and marvel.

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Mad Guru said...

Hahaha! Thanks for posting this. It's great to look back at all these great people, and that too on the beach instead of in front of computers! Thanks for recording that day for all of us.