Saturday, October 13, 2007

"It's Time for Dodger Baseball"

Almost every Brit I know hates baseball because it calls its championship the World Series. Get over it. It was a marketing scheme developed 104 years ago, it ain’t changing for you. You want in? Pick up a bat. And not that weird flat kind. Seriously, cricket looks like a grownup version of over-the-line in formal wear.

Out of 162 days of Dodger baseball, opening day is by far my favorite. It never sets the tone for the year to come, it’s not the most meaningful game of the season, and it’s usually a little too cold for baseball but, it means that for the next six months I can have an opinion about something.

Look for the Rockies and the Red Sox to meet in the fall classic later this month with Boston coming out on top. Then, look for the Dodgers to take it all in 2008. We’ll get them next year!

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Mad Guru said...

I like the photos. The expressions on the second one are great and the others give an interesting look at a day at a game without me having to waste my time at-I mean enjoy one. Be nice to the Badger.