Wednesday, October 03, 2007

They Do!

Webster’s Dictionary defines a wedding as, “A small rocklike protuberance. Egg-shaped in nature; soft and with a gooey center.” I hope to be wed someday myself. Wed like a fox!

Jaime and Camille got married last May. I bought a suit, Simona straightened her hair.

It was out in Pomona so we stayed the night. I’ve never stayed at a hotel where the lobby was the penthouse and you went down two floors to your room. But I don’t mean to sell the place short, the room was equipped with a foodbed afterall. Maybe that’s why it was so popular with the senior circuit. I wonder how many of them were in town for the Old Convention and how many were just paying for their room by the hour.


Anonymous said...

And boy did you look hot in your suit.

The foodbed was delicious! I want another one. Can you get me one for my birthday?

Why are you linking to FOX?? Hmpfh.

Anonymous said...

You are a strange little man, brother.