Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sweet Like Harmony Made Into Flesh

You know, I was never really what you call a political environmentalist. Not like one of these global worming types. I have this thing called humility before nature, that keeps me from thinking that puny human beings can control the outcome of something so large and so complex as climate of an entire planet. I drive a hybrid but it has nothing to do with carbon emissions, it’s because I hate the idea of my money going to rich oil tycoons. Honestly, oil companies are the worst, but I digress. And don’t get me started on these chumps that think that anything we can do could possibly end all life here on Earth. Trust me, life has made it through a whole lot worse than a little extra carbon in the atmosphere.

But still, as the old saying goes, don’t shit where you eat. And the thing about that is, something is always eating somewhere on this planet, so let’s try not to shit all over it. I recycle when I can and try not to take things like plastic bags and straws when I don’t need them (seriously, I did a beach cleanup once and wound up with a bag full of straws. It was kinda gross). I try and save water and yeah I drive a hybrid. What the hell why not mention that again. Recycling and conservation, I mean it just makes sense on its own level. No one cleans their house because it will keep a polar bear from drowning, they do it because they don’t want to live in filth.

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