Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Dance and Music, In That Order.

Grand Performances has a really great lineup this year. I've already seen an act called Ska-Cubano who created an almost perfect fusion of ska and cumbia. I can recommend them whole heartily.

Last Friday I went to go see the Diavolo Dance Theater. They were part dance, part acrobatics (something in the vein of Cirque De Solie but with cheesier music) and all movement, sometimes with large heavy props! It's a good show, fun to watch.

Saturday I went to the Getty to go see a tabla player named Karsh Kale. The set was sick! If you ever get a chance to see the guy perform anywhere near you, make plans and go.

I really enjoyed both performances but to be honest I was mostly taken aback by summer in Los Angeles. I grew up here and she never ceases to amaze me. Here are some photographs I took over the course of the two nights.

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