Sunday, July 22, 2012

Photosynthesi (the Garden of the Sleeping Giant)

     So I’m in Fiji in case you didn’t know, and in Fiji they have a mountain range they call the Sleeping Giant because it in no way resembles a sleeping giant.  The most random part of this is that Raymond Burr (yes TVs Perry Mason) built an orchid garden there.

This is by no means Fiji’s greatest feature but it is a good place for me to get comfortable shooting photos since there really is no one else here to interfere, the flowers are beautiful and easy to shoot since they don’t move at all, and you’re in complete safety.  Not that you’re in danger anywhere else, but when I travel I always think I’m in mortal peril, especially since we’re not the resort type and are trying to stay and mingle in areas populated by the locals.

Simona and I arrived here by taxi but left in a bus, and if you’re going to travel through Fiji I completely recommend the bus.  It is by far the best way to see the countryside.  We’ve become so comfortable we started snapping photos while riding the bus which is something I would NEVER do in Los Angeles. 
So here is what I consider my warm-up photos, some of which make me look like Georgia O’Keeffe.

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