Monday, July 27, 2009


A burning in the lungs is expected when one is running from the police. And why not run? -assuming you’re guilty. They may not even be aware of it yet, or you for that matter, although, suspicion that a law you’ve never heard of might be broken accidentally, without either party being aware is good enough reason to run in the first place.

The story goes easy if you’re willing to listen.

A criminal has to be told that he is one. No that’s not always true, there are some lifers out there hustling, but in this case Yacoub was just doing what he felt was normal: reading a book and watching a ball game. But that’s illegal in most states, you can’t even BUY a book without breaking a law or two. So he was guilty. Everyone saw him do it, hell he didn’t deny it; he was not ashamed. He was in fact nothing at all about the ordeal. But he ran.

He ran because deep down he knew, that in the end it wasn’t the reading of the book that made him have to flee, but it was the mere act of there being a cop to run from in the first place which was enough to make him feel like he was being smothered in a pillow. And in the end, he ran from the cops because he felt happier this way, so he never looked back.

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