Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Crap for Sale

Crap for sale!
Useless, meaningless crap for sale.
Crap that’s used and slightly rusted.
Crap that may be a little busted.
Crap for sale!
Who will buy?
Who will take a pan that doesn’t fry?
Who is prepared to spend some cash
For a blanket that’ll give you a rash?
Crap for sale!
Let the stores sell their wares
With their overprices
I will deal used teddy bears,
And electrical devices.
If you want the thrill of a sale
Without the big fat bill of sale.
Old crap, used crap,
Creaky, broken, bruised crap.
Crap for sale!

1 comment:

Mad Guru said...

I want crap!!!